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True EMR Tech is a FREE service that allows pet owners to conveniently
store and share their pet's health records online with their veterinarian.


Long gone are the days when an individual and a family physician have a life-long relationship. A physician's knowledge of a person's medical history, however, is crucial to proper diagnosis. People move from physician to physician throughout a lifetime, and a lack of communication between one clinic and another could be fatal. It is vital that veterinarians, as well, know a pet’s medical history. After all, pets are members of the family, and they are treated as such.

  • Store your pet's medical records for FREE
  • Access your pet's health records from anywhere
  • Fill out your pet's records online before your vet visit
  • Stay connected and share files with your vet
  • Choose and rate local veterinarians from our list

True EMR Tech provides a FREE service for pet owners to store their pet's health records online, that allows pet health records to be stored and accessed online, all while being shared with their veterinarian.

Are you a veterinarian? Join a nation-wide network of vets and stay connected with your clients through our system.

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View, upload mange and create your electronic medical forms for your practice. Use electronic prescriptions forms and share. Our search features allow veterinarians and pet owners to search for pet records, veterinarian visits and a lot more. Add medical notes and reminders to your patient visits. Unlimited searches in our database for medical records.